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    Facing the sea, with a container made of single-family villas, have you ever see

    Many people probably only know that the container can carry the goods and can see thousands of containers at many harbor terminals, but most people do not yet know it. Another function of the container is that Make a detached villa!

    Golden Beach in Beidaihe is the most beautiful and most quiet place, the fishing island ocean hot springs area has a luxury spa hotel, there are seaside single-family cottages, which is why many people choose to summer vacation here.

    However, there is a special room in the fishing island, so many people are surprised, that is the container room, you do not doubt that is the container shipping at the seaside terminals, but in the fishing island, it has become a mobile viewing room , Facing the sea, blowing a cool breeze, listening to the tides tide!

    Innovative imagination coupled with unique creative design, container rooms become the island's most popular guest rooms, fresh, unique, to satisfy the desire of many people to relax, it is easy and comfortable.

    Seemingly small container, but all-encompassing, it can be said that the city did not lose the star hotel, a container room can easily stay two people, compared to some small room, the space here Not small, not as hot and compact as imagined.

    Not far from the sea in the container room, regarded as a fishing island features, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where the night was quiet and peaceful, the sound of waves rolling back, the sky is full of stars, touching moment, is the deepest heart At the call!